Remove Persistent Data

You may want to remove a set of persistent data to resolve a conflict or to start over.

mailcowdockerized can vary and depends on your compose project name (if it's unchanged, mailcowdockerized is the correct value). If you are unsure about volume names, run docker volume ls for a full list.

Delete a single volume:

docker volume rm mailcowdockerized_${VOLUME_NAME}
  • Remove volume mysql-vol-1 to remove all MySQL data.
  • Remove volume redis-vol-1 to remove all Redis data.
  • Remove volume vmail-vol-1 to remove all contents of /var/vmail mounted to dovecot-mailcow.
  • Remove volume rspamd-vol-1 to remove all Rspamd data.
  • Remove volume crypt-vol-1 to remove all crypto data. This will render all mails unreadable.

Alternatively, running the following command will destroy all mailcow: dockerized volumes and delete any related containers and networks:

docker compose down -v
docker-compose down -v