Autodiscover / Autoconfig

You do not need to change or create this file, autodiscover works out of the box. This guide is only meant for customizations to the autodiscover or autoconfig process.

Newer Outlook clients (especially those delivered with O365) will not autodiscover mail profiles. Keep in mind, that ActiveSync should NOT be used with a desktop client.

Open/create data/web/inc/ and add your changes to the configuration array.

Changes will be merged with "$autodiscover_config" in data/web/inc/

$autodiscover_config = array(
  // General autodiscover service type: "activesync" or "imap"
  // emClient uses autodiscover, but does not support ActiveSync. mailcow excludes emClient from ActiveSync.
  'autodiscoverType' => 'activesync',
  // If autodiscoverType => activesync, also use ActiveSync (EAS) for Outlook desktop clients (>= Outlook 2013 on Windows)
  // Outlook for Mac does not support ActiveSync
  'useEASforOutlook' => 'yes',
  // Please don't use STARTTLS-enabled service ports in the "port" variable.
  // The autodiscover service will always point to SMTPS and IMAPS (TLS-wrapped services).
  // The autoconfig service will additionally announce the STARTTLS-enabled ports, specified in the "tlsport" variable.
  'imap' => array(
    'server' => $mailcow_hostname,
    'port' => array_pop(explode(':', getenv('IMAPS_PORT'))),
    'tlsport' => array_pop(explode(':', getenv('IMAP_PORT'))),
  'pop3' => array(
    'server' => $mailcow_hostname,
    'port' => array_pop(explode(':', getenv('POPS_PORT'))),
    'tlsport' => array_pop(explode(':', getenv('POP_PORT'))),
  'smtp' => array(
    'server' => $mailcow_hostname,
    'port' => array_pop(explode(':', getenv('SMTPS_PORT'))),
    'tlsport' => array_pop(explode(':', getenv('SUBMISSION_PORT'))),
  'activesync' => array(
    'url' => 'https://'.$mailcow_hostname.($https_port == 443 ? '' : ':'.$https_port).'/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync',
  'caldav' => array(
    'server' => $mailcow_hostname,
    'port' => $https_port,
  'carddav' => array(
    'server' => $mailcow_hostname,
    'port' => $https_port,

To always use IMAP and SMTP instead of EAS, set 'autodiscoverType' => 'imap'.

Disable ActiveSync for Outlook desktop clients by setting "useEASforOutlook" to "no".