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Disable Sender Addresses Verification

New guide

Edit a mailbox and select "Allow to send as *".

For historical reasons we kept the old and deprecated guide below:

Deprecated guide (DO NOT USE ON NEWER MAILCOWS!)

This option is not best-practice and should only be implemented when there is no other option available to achieve whatever you are trying to do.

Simply create a file data/conf/postfix/check_sasl_access and enter the following content. This user must exist in your installation and needs to authenticate before sending mail. OK

Open data/conf/postfix/ and find smtpd_sender_restrictions. Prepend check_sasl_access hash:/opt/postfix/conf/check_sasl_access like this:

smtpd_sender_restrictions = check_sasl_access hash:/opt/postfix/conf/check_sasl_access reject_authenticated_sender_login_mismatch [...]

Run postmap on check_sasl_access:

docker compose exec postfix-mailcow postmap /opt/postfix/conf/check_sasl_access
docker-compose exec postfix-mailcow postmap /opt/postfix/conf/check_sasl_access

Restart the Postfix container.