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Tags (for Domains and Mailboxes)


You need the mailcow Version 2022-05 at least for this feature.
If you donĀ“t have the Version installed please consider a update.
For more informations about a mailcow update please take a look at the Update section here in the docs.

What are Tags designed for?

With the Tags you can easily sort your Domains and Mailboxes by the tags instead of their name.

Where are the Tags located?

The Tags are located in the Domain/Mailbox section of the mailcow UI. To view them simply click on the small plus symbol on the left of your Domain/Mailbox (following picture is showing the domain ribbon menu): Domain/Mailbox Tags Ribbon

How can i add/remove a Tag?

You can simply add/remove a Tag during the creation of a new Domain/Mailbox. You also can add/remove them if you edit your desired Domain/Mailbox.

It looks similar to this (following picture showing the domain edit section):

Domain/Mailbox Tags

How can i search for a tag?

Simply type the Tag Name in the search bar in the Domain/Mailbox Section and wait for it to complete.

You can even specify if you want to search for tags only.