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Sender and receiver model

When a mailbox is created, a user is allowed to send mail from and receive mail for his own mailbox address.

Mailbox is created. is a primary domain.
Note: a mailbox cannot be created in an alias domain. is only known as is allowed to send as

We can add an alias domain for

Alias domain is added and assigned to primary domain is now known as and is now allowed to send as and

We can add aliases for a mailbox to receive mail for and to send from this new address.

It is important to know, that you are not able to receive mail for my-alias@my-alias-domain.tld. You would need to create this particular alias. is assigned the alias is now known as,, is NOT known as

Please note that this does not apply to catch-all aliases:

Alias domain is added and assigned to primary domain is assigned the catch-all alias is still just known as, which is the only available send-as option

Any email send to will match the catch-all alias for

Administrators and domain administrators can edit mailboxes to allow specific users to send as other mailbox users ("delegate" them).

You can choose between mailbox users or completely disable the sender check for domains.

SOGo "mail from" addresses

Mailbox users can, obviously, select their own mailbox address, as well as all alias addresses and aliases that exist through alias domains.

If you want to select another existing mailbox user as your "mail from" address, this user has to delegate you access through SOGo (see SOGo documentation). Moreover a mailcow (domain) administrator needs to grant you access as described above.