Several configuration parameters of the mailcow UI can be changed by creating a file data/web/inc/ which overrides defaults settings found in data/web/inc/

The local configuration file is persistent over updates of mailcow. Try not to change values inside data/web/inc/, but use them as template for the local override.

mailcow UI configuration parameters can be used to...

  • ...change the default language1
  • ...change the default bootstrap theme
  • ...set a password complexity regex
  • ...enable DKIM private key visibility
  • ...set a pagination trigger size
  • ...set default mailbox attributes
  • ...change session lifetimes
  • ...create fixed app menus (which cannot be changed in mailcow UI)
  • ...set a default "To" field for relayhost tests
  • ...set a timeout for Docker API requests
  • ...toggle IP anonymization

  1. To change SOGos default language, you will need to edit data/conf/sogo/sogo.conf and replace "English" by your preferred language.