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Help mailcow

Please consider a support contract for a small monthly fee at Servercow EN to support further development. We support you while you support us. :)

If you are super awesome and would like to support without a contract, you can get a SAL license that confirms your awesomeness (a flexible one-time payment) at Servercow EN.

Get support

There are two ways to achieve support for your mailcow installation.

Commercial support

For professional and prioritized commercial support you can sign a basic support subscription at Servercow EN. For custom inquiries or questions please contact us at instead.

Furthermore we do also provide a fully featured and managed mailcow here. This way we take care about the technical magic underneath and you can enjoy your whole mail experience in a hassle-free way.

Community support and chat

The other alternative is our free community-support on our various channels below. Please notice, that this support is driven by our awesome community around mailcow. This kind of support is best-effort, voluntary and there is no guarantee for anything.

Telegram desktop clients are available for multiple platforms. You can search the groups history for keywords.

For bug tracking, feature requests and code contributions only:


Since September 2022 we´re providing two seperate Demo instances:

  • is the classic Demo based on the stable releases.
  • is the new nightly demo based on unreleased testing features. (So especially interesting for those who have no possibility to create a test instance themselves.)

Use the following credentials to login on both demos:

  • Administrator: admin / moohoo
  • Domain-Administrator: department / moohoo
  • Mailbox: / moohoo


The demo instances get the latest updates directly after releases from GitHub. Fully automatic, without any downtime!


The integrated mailcow UI allows administrative work on your mail server instance as well as separated domain administrator and mailbox user access:

  • DKIM and ARC support
  • Black- and whitelists per domain and per user
  • Spam score management per-user (reject spam, mark spam, greylist)
  • Allow mailbox users to create temporary spam aliases
  • Prepend mail tags to subject or move mail to sub folder (per-user)
  • Allow mailbox users to toggle incoming and outgoing TLS enforcement
  • Allow users to reset SOGo ActiveSync device caches
  • imapsync to migrate or pull remote mailboxes regularly
  • TFA: Yubikey OTP and U2F USB (Google Chrome and derivatives only), TOTP
  • Add domains, mailboxes, aliases, domain aliases and SOGo resources
  • Add whitelisted hosts to forward mail to mailcow
  • Fail2ban-like integration
  • Quarantine system
  • Antivirus scanning incl. macro scanning in office documents
  • Integrated basic monitoring
  • A lot more...

mailcow: dockerized comes with multiple containers linked in one bridged network. Each container represents a single application.


Mails are stored compressed and encrypted. The key pair can be found in crypt-vol-1. Be sure to backup this volume!

Docker volumes to keep dynamic data - take care of them!

  • clamd-db-vol-1
  • crypt-vol-1
  • mysql-socket-vol-1
  • mysql-vol-1
  • postfix-vol-1
  • redis-vol-1
  • rspamd-vol-1
  • sogo-userdata-backup-vol-1
  • sogo-web-vol-1
  • solr-vol-1
  • vmail-index-vol-1
  • vmail-vol-1

Last update: 2022-09-24 12:40:59